Monday, September 03, 2007

Bacon and Speed Poker = Win

Another day, another coin flip. Almost paid off my fall trip with some friends this morning while frying up some bacon and eggs. Its easy to play push and pray poker during these little turbo 180 person tourneys popping up on PokerStars.

1 hour and 45 minutes is all it took to hit the final table but Presto was not gold as AJ sOOOted turned a nut flush and my side pot worth more then the main pot vs. AQo caught a four flush with one of my 5s and instead of paying off the plane ticket and a meal or two, I'll be able to afford brunch at the Waffle House with a extra cheese on my hash browns.

At least the bacon and eggs didn't suck. And for more bacon that doesn't suck, go vote on Al's site for the person soon-to-be blessed with fine cutlets of pork products for a year. His post is also a reminder... PLO8 is for those who really don't like money.

Hope your holiday weekend included some relaxation unless you're a Mariners' fan, good god did they take money to tank like this?

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