Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is It the Reverse Herschel Walker Trade?

I'm not a Timberwolves fan since I don't care much for basketball outside of some college hoops, but I am a Minnesota sports fan.

A true fan would applaud Garnett going somewhere with the talent besides him to make a run to an NBA Championship that would never happen here. Just the chance, not the title itself is deserved.

As for the trade itself, the T-Wolves received the same crappy pot of players when WallyWorld was shipped off a couple of years ago. I don't expect this "young" group of players to fill the stands at the Target Center anytime soon except for the first month of the season when there's "promise" and "hope" of a new basketball era in Minnesota.

With Garnett gone, and Kirby no longer among the living, is Joe Mauer ready to step up as the state's face and voice in professional sports? Sure hockey is extremely popular here, but I don't see Gabby as being the consumate "ah' shucks" Minnesotan with the flair of a top-tier athlete. If not, at least you'll see at least 10,000 kids at Joe Mauer Sideburns night for the next couple of years.

Best wishes to Kevin on the shot he has always wanted, and R.I.P. T-Wolves, hopefully Crunch the Wolf and those hot dancers will find some work at a Wild's game because the next five years are really going to test if professional basketball is here to stay in the Twin Cities or if the ghost of Herschel Walker has come back to don some high tops and bring exciting new talent to resurrect a failing team.

Thanks for dropping by, now condolences to another well-liked professional... Bill Walsh, you stay classy sir. (bad pun, but fitting)

Edit: From the father-in-law... here's a video that should help the Vikes reach the Super Bowl this year. Stop laughing.

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