Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Clock Strikes 12 at Eleven

I can rest easier at night knowing Foxy Brown isn't pregnant. Knowing who Foxy Brown is, or why this is actually news is beyond my scope of understanding. Perhaps a 24 hour binge on the "E!" network while get me up to date on the growing size of Britney's g-string and where exactly Paris' little toy dog took a shit as well.

One thing I know is terribly important to announce how upseting losing $16.50 can be if you do it right. While I enjoy the Mookie and adjacent Dookie (playing NLO8 even), the red lines of tilt creep up when getting close to the final table and having the pillars of sOOted cards crumble the foundation of my chip stack into nothingness.

Much like Tara Reid's acting career.

Hey, she was hot in Van Wilder (and not too bad in this picture either)!

Eleveth is where the meek Drizz fell due to a flurry of getting quartered and putting my money in bad spots. Anticipation of a little golf ball and live cards action this weekend with Michigan-types dropping by sounds like a perfect reprieve (please leave a comment on where/when sir because I need to tell the wife before she takes off for the cabin and Yahoo doesn't fly here).

Sorry to use this as message board, but if anyone feels the need to post hot personals, bad beat stories (include hand history!), or a rant about the sickly looking kid at Wendy's shorting you on honey mustard sauce and a chicken strip yesterday. Have at it.

Thanks for dropping by, now if I don't have you linked you special snowflake you. Please offer large breasted virgins that serve Cap'n Cokes on demand. Or leave your link in the comments area :)

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