Monday, September 10, 2007

Twins Who?

Baseball is dead to me.

Praise to Purple Jesus for he bringth and provides.

Even if its for only one week and they go 1-15 from here on out (my prediction is 8-8), I actually got excited and watched the entire football game for the first time since Kyra was still a blob of cells inside my wife.

On a poker-side note before I get back to the monsoon of TPS reports... played, lost, won, came out ahead a tad. I've opened up my Omaha game a little bit by making more read-dependent calls and raises, but with four cards I wonder how often you can float light raises and continuation bets (which I saw someone do last night to the tune of four buy-ins won, then lost in 45 minutes). Could someone with a little more restraint successfully run a loose aggressive game in short-handed PLO/PLO8?

Food for thought as Minnesota Viking fans offer hymns of praise to our savior.


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