Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why Yes, I Do Have Quads

It doesn’t look like work is going to let up, much like the rain outside that had us dashing indoors with the kids early this morning.

Just a quick shout out to Mike, who put up with my hacking (and I mean HORRIBLE) golf game on Saturday. While on the driving range prior to my adventurous 108, I was shanking more balls then Britney Spears after an eight ball and tequila shooting binge at a Vegas nightclub. Remember Tin Cup getting ready for the US Open before Cheech loosened him up with the change in his pocket and probably a spiff off screen?

That was me, while I didn’t get to nail the hottie in my Winnebago afterwards, I did managed to score a 12 on a hole (graciously rounded down to a 9 by my scoring partner).

I do want to write up a bit on the card slinging at Canterbury (and the Fred Flintstone style golf carts we used at a rather expensive golf course) as live poker >>>>>> online poker and since Saturday I’m having a very hard time logging onto Drizztdj and my wonderful breastalicous nurse at Full Tilt.


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