Monday, September 17, 2007

At Least Tiger Was Fun to Watch

Firewalls suck :(

Totally made up memo from A. Peterson to B. Childress:


Purple Jesus would like to say "thanks" for the opportunity to rush the ball twenty times on Sunday. He would like to note getting hit three yards behind the line of scrimmage caused him to fail to cover the yardage bet with BG and possibly contributed to another $10 that will be shipped off to another Lions fan from this game that caused Jesus to cry.

In closing, Purple Jesus would like to know why the fuck you didn't throw more screen passes to Him when the quarterback decided throwing to purple jerseys further then five yards down the field was too physically constraining and dished out receptions to the other team.

Next time remember this phrase: "Nobody fucks with the Jesus"

Your Savior and Meal Ticket,

P. Jesus

Tomorrow, golf balls go flying in directions no one intended and cracking aces doesn't just happen online.

Thanks for dropping by, now I'd be hard pressed to find a worst game on NFL Films then yesterday's bathroom stink bomb.

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