Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Look But Don't Touch

If one more person screws with the printer settings they will find a size 13 loafer firmly implanted in their posterior region. Its the same as I tell Wyatt, don't touch it if you don't understand it. Yet I still try to touch my wife... god I'm a hypocrite.

Thank you for not sending a search party out to Lake Minnetonka since my usual prompt posting took a turn for the work worse as co-worker is out and mucho grande TPS reports must be filed!

If you want a post go to my other site for a recap on the first hour of WSOP viewing. Sabyl rocked, and Kirk actually brought some fun into the proceedings but wow could they show vastly different chip stacks for him? Watch closely during the first part of the show then again when the bubbly from Scotty drops by.

No Mookie, no cry. Softball doubleheaders in beautiful weather for the past two weeks (and again this week) have been fun but exhausting. I'll try to catch up with the pokering tomorrow night during drunken pokin night with the bloggers and mouth breathers at the PLO8 tables.

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