Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Phear My Jedi Skillz

Star Wars Lightsaber duels?

Who's going to be the first to whine about smashing their Wii controller into the other person?

Should this kid be tapped to provide a Lightsaber safety instructional video?

Me = geeked

I'd write about a short session of PLO 6-max last night but I couldn't filter out the ALL CAPS 1337 DOOD I'VEGOTABIGGERPENISTHENYOULETSPLAYHEADSUP
ANDGIVEALLOURMONEYTOFULLTILTBECAUSEWEBOTHSUCKATLIFE, chat that managed to go on for nearly an hour after a minor suckout for a whopping 10BB pot.

I tried to be patient but falling asleep while bored out of my skull watching this made me want to go to bed versus fleecing the three internet kidz of their stack. Thus, the reason why I'd never make it as a pro, it was a great table, lots of action, but my heart wasn't up for the kill.

Back to the TPS report waves for this cube monkey.

Thanks for dropping by, now why why why Donovan do you need to blather on about your skin color? Do you think MAYBE it was because you had a bad game, or several lately?!?! Playing the race card would fly in 1995, but not now.

My advice... get traded to Chicago or Vikes, they need a great QB and best of all they won't care about the slightly darker pigmentation of your skin!

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