Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Battle of the Blogger Returns: Who Gets Flamed First?

As well as BadBlood and Derek played, I was exactly on the opposite end of the poker spectrum during the WBCOOP. Granted the card death had a little bit to do with it (I had AA once, got the blinds, saw no other pocket pair the whole time), eventually after folding more napkins then a waiter setting up a 500 person wedding reception, I pushed K9o when folded to and someone woke up with AK.

At least I got a chip count from Otis (drink on me in December for being an idiot sir). :)

Great job by PokerStars and Otis putting this on once again and the prizes were definitely a huge plus besides seeing old pens that have been collecting dust for a while. When is a small roller like me going to get a structure like that with a shot at having a rum and coke in the Caribbean? Sure, there’s the steps SnG that you could qualify starting at $7.50 for Step 1 but after seeing the lineup awaiting all the little fishies that swim upstream to hit the big pool in Step 6’s $2150 SnG that awards three packages, you’d need more then luck.

But poker is all about luck isn’t it?

Speaking of luck, bloggers have yet ANOTHER huge chance to hit up a big tourney in style with the second coming of the Battle of the Bloggers tournament series. Yes, your favorite weekly blogger tourneys complete with point system, flaming posts for playing those junk hands poorly from Hoy and Waffles, and now…

A chance at an $18,000 package to A U S T R A L I A for the Aussie Millions.

C’mon the people you’re playing against do stupid things like riding mechanical bulls after polishing off a tray of jello shots, do you really expect them to get in your way of a chance at playing in a major poker tournament?

Make sure you hit up Al’s site for up to the SoCo shot updates on this series that is bringing some serious swag into it for the weekly champs as well as the “Tournament of Champions” that will award the big prize.

See you there.

Thanks for dropping by, now I will attending the funeral today of someone who was very close to my heart, if I’m able to catch a few breaths in the next few days I’d like to give her the proper send off.

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