Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do Not Try This At Home

I tried to enjoy poker again last night as I logged on to do battle in the Mookie with my fellow internet scribes. But the online variety losses so much flavor when you played live with those very people just a week ago.

Guess I’ll have to put a stitch in my gash and wait a couple of months like everyone else.

Final table bubble in the Dookie, Final two tables in the Mookie net me four of sleep and minus $16.50 towards eight spot Keno at the Gold Coast in December. At least the conversation was well worth missing a few winks of sleep and I found out just how sexually unhip I am when the subject of vibrating condoms came up (literally?).

I didn’t know such things existed, since the last time I even tore open a Trojan Ribbed for Her Pleasure! Was to get rid of the severally battered, useless one that sat dormant in my wallet all through high school (I think I touched a boobie once though!). For the instructional video for this fabulous piece of latex, and the promise of several bOObie pics by the blog author, follow the linkzorz to Betty Underground.

Who knew women liked sex?

And now a public service announcement:

Alcohol and Mechanical Bull Riding don’t mix, please don’t prop bet and ride (or end up doing your best “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo” impersonations at the same bar for that matter). This could be you (minus the pasty white thighs of course):

Also, getting a lap dance after such activity may be a waste of $20

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