Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tilt Sphere Complete

Worse month since the dust bowl days nearly two years ago have me wondering where my tin foil is stored. If it wasn’t for the Battle of the Blogger tournaments and supporting its cause, I wouldn’t even power up my laptop at night. The temptation is there in the evening behind every cash game table, watching people chase horrible odds and unfortunately I just happen to be on the other side of the cards when Stanford beats USC.

Three tourneys, three non-cashes, three different ways of going out:

Isolate raise to a monster behind. This one really makes you wonder if the missus put some crack cocaine into the meatloaf for dinner. You feel awesomely stupid, and think “hmmmm, breathing is fun, why don’t I try mastering that before moving on to more complicated things like busting out on the bubble with an average stack on a mediocre hand and playing "Welcome to the Jungle" using the expert difficulty on Guitar Hero III”.

The coinflip. This one I had no control over, shouldn’t be mad about the play since I was low on chips and needed them to battle Lucko who was playing a very good aggressive game and would eventually go on to win.

The “any two cards” close to the final table. I just didn’t get lucky on the good end of a 65/35 flip preflop but combined with another losing night at the cash game tables put the final dagger into my trilogy of tilt. So close again, but Oz will have to wait as I’m starting to take poker too seriously again which exactly the opposite of what started almost a year long monthly winning streak. Having fun while watching the digital cards spread across the Full Tilt or PokerStars felt with Jenna Jamison in the background, freed something in my “game” and winning followed.

Thanks for dropping by, now when you watch football on the weekends do you leave the sound on? Are there ANY TV announcers that don’t make your ear drums crawl out of the canal and slap you for forcing Madden upon them? In Minnesota you should be listening to Paul Allen (P.A.) on KFAN. Likely, most of you do the same as radio announcers are 100X better then the Fox/CBS stooges sucking off Brady, Manning, and Farve even if they're not in the game you're watching.

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