Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Called Heads, It Landed Tails

I still haven’t cashed in a Hoy tournament. Many tries, many losses, no cashes. Just can’t win that last coin flip to put me over the top.

But at least there were no bad beats, no laptop throwing, and best of all, I had fun. I wish I could say the same about the ring game I dabbled in while sparring for a shot at Australia in the second Battle of the Bloggers Part Deux tournament. An excellent turn out of 82 players, in addition to the 50 plus players from the Big Game on Sunday has added some buzz to these tourneys, as well as fattened up the prize pools.

I finished somewhere on the last three tables after my eights failed to outrace AK when the entire board came up with overcards.


My accumulation of Sklansky Bucks over the past weekend wasn’t enough to win the one race when I needed it. After busting, I could only offer a “well played sir” comment to the little doggie that took my chips after getting his stack in the middle and him needing a runner runner non-pairing flush in the PLO8 cash game, causing me to walk away from a decent table due to the pubic rat build up of hair and other undefined gunk that clogged my normally good mood. A bad beat dollar will be given in Vegas to the person that gives me my first birthday shot at the appropriate time. Appropriate time does not include when Drizz is at a video poker machine betting max credits and drawing five until the money runs out. That might be a good time to sit him at the Money Wheel with a bottled water or find him a nice spot on the floor that does not include his wife in the close proximity, to pass out.

When it was time to turn off my busty nurse and say farewell to the well-wishing bloggers, a good Oatmeal Stout, comfy recliner, and some Point-of-view porn featuring a very excitable Jessica Simpson look-a-like, worked wonders to ease the soul back into complacency.

And get ready to do it again on Wednesday at the Mooooooooooookie. See you then.

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