Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coach Childress Likes the Wacky Tabbacky*

Pauly must have sent the Vikings coach his finest herbal medicines.

Maybe Norv Turner will tell Tomlinson he's the fullback this week too.

I tried to play poker last night get my mind off of things but losing a $600 coin flip while playing $1/$2 PLO8 last night (Set vs. my super-duper I-can't-even-count-my-outs draw), told me it was time for bed and to put the solemn day to rest.

I still want to give my grandmother's passing on her proper due, as work has decided not give me two seconds to think straight (probably for the better).

On the lighter side, I am booked, locked up, in-like-Flynn for the WPBT trip in December for Friday thru Monday (all day NFL action shall not be missed this time). Finally found some cheaper airfare via last night to seal up my third consecutive birthday I'll be spending with the likes of you degenerate gamblers.

See you then.

*disclaimer (because only someone hitting a bong harder enough to make the late Bob Marley choke on the smoke would call the NFL rushing leader "his number 2 running back")

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