Monday, October 22, 2007

6 for 19 Is Good If You Are a Third Baseman

Doing a sack dance every time after knocking down a rookie quarterback who looks like a kindergartner who’s safety pin just came loose with his/her emergency information blowing away and now has to go to the bathroom, is bad.

High stepping into the endzone after re-fumbling the football on the way to the endzone is breaching Special Olympics territory. Vikings defense you are on notice.

I don’t know if the Vikes could have won with a semi-competent quarterback yesterday in Dallas, but I do know STARTING Chester Taylor is getting a little old. The joke was funny last week Coach Chilly, this week it cost them a chance to beat an anemic Romo in the second half (excellent first half by the soon-to-be Pro Bowler).

Is Jackson capable to lead this team for the next seven to ten years or do they need to start jockeying for draft position?

Viking tilt carried over to poker tilt to the tune of four buy-ins from various beats and trying to grab endless amounts of snacks for the little ones left me with a raw ass this morning that almost ruined what was a great weekend.

Poker is poker, you win, you lose but having your friends over for an entire day with a bonfire, good weather, good charred animals on the grill, plenty of booze, and a decent leaf pile to jump again and feel like your seven again can overcome any runner runner beat some internet donkey lays on you.

See you good folks in 46 days.

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