Monday, December 03, 2007

Commodore Casino

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I like to gamble.

That is well known if you read here regularly. But, a source of gambling was cut off because of the UIGEA and my usual source of de-tilting slots and table games away from the Omaha tables was cut off.

While I’m still sitting behind the iron curtain of online gambling it doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy it. As I take a look at it has everything a slot junkie like me would love to play. There’s multi-reel games with the must have bonus rounds in all denominations that are unique from Commodore. They also carry a wide range of classic table games, just like being in Vegas right on the comfort of your couch if you enjoy playing from your laptop like many online players do.

Ever since my first trip to Grand Casino Hinckley when I turned 18, I’ve always enjoyed Virtual Horse Racing. While the real thing may hold an edge for the gritty handicapper, you can feel like your standing on the rail with Commodore’s 3D racing.

Also for the punters in Europe and Asia, Commodore will be launching a poker room soon. This of course is close to my heart as not having the ability to give away some British Pounds and Euros on the virtual felt when I play a game that’s more popular across the pond hurts the bankroll. Maybe the U.S. legislature will wise up soon and reconnect players who want to play at places like Commodore Casino.

If you are not from the US or Canada, take a spin on this link and download the casino to try it out for yourself!

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