Monday, December 03, 2007

A Little Give and Go

Besides the cold weather in these parts, a thawing happened over the weekend. No, it wasn’t the cards on the poker table as those continue to bend the long odds in the opposite direction of my chip stack. As I’ll tell you, I hate seeing friends get the short stick more, like getting Aces on two tables at the same time getting one cracked and one folded around to his big blind while short stacked in a tourney.

The warmth around the house didn’t come from the heating ducts, although with the 20 below wind chills, the Wii Guitar Hero controller would probably still be stuck to my hands and I have to type up my TPS reports with the whammy bar this morning.

No, the new car smell around the house is due to a grey cloud being lifted as normal conversations and laughs returned to our little plot of land near the highway. Despite a certain trip I will be indulging in the next four days (I have mentioned said trip right?) the family points have been stored up to enjoy the annual poker blogger journey guilt-free to the valley of sin and free drinks at the Pai Gow table being dealt by Svlanana the former star point guard for the Belarus Bobcats or Xi who moonlights as a hand model and has done commercials for Palmolive and Sonic Burgers.

Its funny how a little gloomy weather mixed in with the usual flow of life around the house can strike a wrong chord that gives off a fingernails-on-chalkboard tone. Up here you never get used to the weather; you just run to the nearest internet kiosk or laptop and bitch about it on your blog. To be fair I haven’t been a beacon of sunshine as my poker losings and general stress over the past month has felt about as comfortable as getting back splash while taking a dump after that second helping of kung po chicken and fried rice. That’s when you give yourself a time out like sending your kids to the couch or their rooms for refusing to eat that delicious casserole you made from the last cup of Bisquick, cream of mushroom soup, whipping cream and some mystery meat leftover from your Aunt Mary’s Thanksgiving Day feast.

My time out consist of girly chat boxes, NFL football in proud display on the television monitor, kids dreaming of investing the rest of my bankroll into Transformers and play kitchens with utensils in their beds, and a little poker of course. The poker wasn’t relaxing as Daddy suffered through those aces mentioned above, and the fruity Apricot Pyramid in my hand managed to revert me into a calling station except for a bubble finish on a token SnG when I got my money in good and the RNG at Full Tilt decided to punish me for gloating about the Vikings with a few 80/20 beats.

I didn’t mention the Vikes?

Yes Jim, I'm talking playoffs (don't look at the last few weeks of posts for my waffling).

I don’t know if the Raiders woke them up or that Lambeau bitch slap they got three weeks ago, but wow they’re looking good. The Vikes are not Cowboys or Packers good, but with Jackson moving when he should and not throwing like a Division 1-AA third stringer, this team is watchable. Purple Jesus regained his form and made a mockery out of some horrible tackling by the Lions, especially his touchdown run where the cornerback looked like he was try to tackle Barry Sanders’ ghost and got stood up like me one week before the senior prom (not that I’m bitter Cyndy!!!).

Happy family, happy Drizz, bankroll looking like it just spent two days in one of Jigsaw’s death traps. I’ll take plus family karma over winning a race with pocket tens any day.

Thanks for dropping by, now did my bad eyesight deceive me watching the Sean Taylor sound bite before the Skins/Buffalo highlights on Sportcenter, but did I see a laminated sign with “The Meast” Taylor on it? If so, props to the KissMeSuzy fans if they did it. Best sports parody site out there, go this second and read. Especially fellow Vikes fan BigDaddyDrew, the man is a genius.

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