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Its Because You Want To

Because The Rooster thinks I need to lighten the fuck up (and he’s right) here’s some quick hits from WPBT tripin’ past:

My first thoughts about meeting those invisible internet friends from December 2004:

5) Meet the bloggers IRL The trip reports from Vegas only stoked the fire that I have been wanting to meet the bloggers out there. I know sometime this year I'll be able to meet up with Chris at Canterbury but I'd also like to attend the next WPBT event. Since my friends don't share the poker bug or the need to wager on the winner of a game of Dance Dance Revolution. It would be an honor and a learning experience to meet such people. Just give me a 3-4 month forwarning to get my liver and stomach in shape. I just hope my ghostly Minnesota whiteness doesn't frighten anyone.

Meeting the bloggers for the first time in June 2005:

Professional Craps Shooter Bill Rini pulled off a similar feat to the 1987 Minnesota Twins in his worst-to-first finish.

Congrats Bill!!!

I'm sure he didn't miss getting Gigli again.The after party set up by AlCanParty at LaCantina features too many shots of tequila and some rather disturbing karoke. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long due to my parent's being in town and I wanted to hang with them for at least one afternoon.So, me and the wife headed back to Freemont Street via the 301 bus instead of a cab.Great choice.For the next hour we were on the bus to go from MGM Grand to downtown Vegas. I fell asleep due to the mix of overheatedness, lack of rest, and yeah I drank a little too. Unfortunately there were no crack whores hitting on me to keep me awake unlike certain metrosexual bloggers.

Maybe I need a frilly shirt to attract these saucy (or is it sauced?) ladies.

Finally getting back to Fremont Street, we checked out a nice car show being displayed up and down the street. My mom pointed out a Chevy that my dad's parents once used to haul all seven boys on road trips. Stopped off to get a couple of 99 cent drinks that only downtown can provide. The maragarita was tasty from the Fremont Casino. However... the fruity drink from the casino with the seductive deep fried twinkie eater above it, sucked about as hard as she was working the pastry. I'm known for drinking just about anything and not caring, but that drink ruined my buzz. Bleh.

Seeing GRob’s hair look like he spent the morning sitting in a typhoon while playing a morning poker tourney and watch how real degenerates roll at the hepatitis infested Plaza, set the tone for the next two years of these trips.

The Winter Classic final day December 2005:

I had lost track of time unfortunately and suddenly only had 45 minutes to pack up, check out, and get my ass over to Mandalay Bay for a NFL/Horse betting orgy. Checking out was fairly quick but a little confusing since Chad was staying an extra day and he didn’t *ahem* make it back the previous night. But the beautiful desk clerk was able to get the ball rolling quickly with a smile.

The hotel may be on its way out with all the confusing elevators and constant construction, but the staff and comps definitely made up for it. Thank you Imperial Palace for holding our tournament and keeping the bar properly stocked.

20 minutes to kick off and I’m sitting on the monorail heading for MGM Grand, knowing I still need to dash down the strip to get to another monorail from Excal to Mandalay Bay. I may or may not have run over a few blue haired slot queens in the process. With five minutes to spare I spot Mike in line to place a few parlay bets and after exchanging greenbacks for worthless pieces of paper I collapsed into a chair. I also may or may not have been in a comatose daze while trying to keep up with all the action going on. Betting on a horse race here and there while watching my parlay bets crumble on the big screens.

Pure Bliss.

Bloggers screaming for Too Drunk to Call and Mr. Otis, me getting shouted at by a be-thonged waitress for being too engrossed in the games, and finally taking a shot at the $25 Pai Gow tables (which didn’t work out too well). I pushed hard in those final hours but the house took the money, and Drizz went home only spending money on non-gambling things. Is a push considered a win in this case? I managed to gamble for four days straight yet the only money I spent was on the hotel, food, cab rides, and god knows how many tips.

Like the Aladdin tournament, I left Vegas in awe of this little community of bloggers and how open and welcoming they are. Going to Vegas with my wife is certain kind of fun but she doesn’t really drink nor gamble much, the WPBT crew brings the real Vegas out for me at least. Yeah, I did not partake in an adult entertainment, as I missed out on hitting up the strip clubs once again but I got to do everything else I wanted on the trip.Thanks again everyone, and can’t wait till next time.

Remember horse handicapping by the name of the equine is the nuts.

The infamous strip-wide wheelchair ride December 2006:

Friendship is what makes Vegas to me. Of course, I looked at the waitresses, and looked again, then one more time for good measure, but being around people with similar interest yet having totally different backgrounds is refreshing from a daily life that leans towards a gray-monotone background. That’s why I chop out enough money to fly around to WPBT-type events.That and the free wheelchair rides that you don’t recall rock as well. Can anyone fill in the blanks?


Since I spent most of Friday morning apologizing for the previous night’s journey to the drunken abyss, the silent treatment doled out by the spouse was deserved and earned ten times over. But, again I was bailed out by a little Daddy and Al tag team (and a $100 bribe) and she at least put on a happy face.The brunch at the Wynn was probably the best meal I’ve ever tasted outside of the really really good shrimp and hush puppies platter at Long John Silver’s about two years ago. Seriously, the teriyaki steak, Kobe beef meatballs (massaged cow!), brick oven pizza, and decadent vanilla ice cream to top it off was as a fine of a meal as this simpleton has ever had. While snarfing down as much eats as possible, Falstaff gave me a birthday present only a true Drizzt Do’Urden geek like myself could appreciate. The soft-spoken kilt-toting thespian was thoughtful enough to grab my favorite author for a signed copy of Homeland by R.A. Salvatore (picture of the book coming on Thursday with promised Christmas picks of the little ones for the gracious hostess of the Wynn brunch, thank you Gracie!). Yes, gay man hugs were given and the thoughtfulness of the gift from Menzoberranzan still gets me. Thank you sir and ma’am.

This was rock bottom personally, and the rise of the phoenix all wrap into the stale smoke filled air of the Imperial Palace and its peppy dealer-a-tainers. After this trip it solidified my friendships with those that can only be touched by typed words over a series of tubes, and with my wife. We finally got out all the things that we had bottled up like a shaken Coke and managed to re-find that friendship that started on an Anoka County Fair softball field nearly 10 years prior. No more drifting through the day, living was on the agenda again instead of just making sure the mortgage payment was mailed off on time. Hugs are daily, kisses mean something other then a façade for the kids, and we enjoy beating each other in Guitar Hero (she scored a 100% on a song before I did damn it).

2 days, and like a couple of other guys… I’m already playing the penny Wheel of Fortune Big Spin while downing my usual cocktail.

Thanks for dropping by, now hop over to Mike’s site to place your bets on horses for the WPBT tourney. Here’s my stable:

Otis – Dark horse, is weak against gravity but strong against check-raises

Speaker - his hair would make the final table on its own, I hope what’s underneath it doesn’t screw it up.

Bobby Bracelet860th best poker player in the world? How many can make this claim except the 860th best poker player in the world? He might punch like 95 year old with a broken wrist, but the Bracelet has game and not just with the ladies.

Myself – I’ve made the final two tables in the last two WPBT live events I’ve played and with the game alternating between Chinese Poker, Rummikub and Euchre there’s no reason to doubt a top 4 finish.

Gracie – You look into those beautiful eyes and Cheshire Cat smile and call off those chips while she flips over yet another winner.

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