Sunday, December 23, 2007

One More Christmas Wish

NFL Sunday Week 16 and my repaired TV from the Packer drubbing 6 weeks ago is going to show a Vikings team that holds their own balls for a playoff spot.

Down Winfield and Rice today its smashmouth vs. smashmouth and not the day to be on the line for either team. I don't know if Gibbs will shy away from the great running tandem they have, but at the Metrodome there's usually only one team that hits triple digits from their backs.

Freeroll for those who beat the Doc today at FantasySportsLive. LIKE ME! Sign up for five bucks, win free mobneys, brag about giving the Jets fan a beat down.

Hope you are all crushing the Christmas weekend like pros as I'm lucky enough to get two days of nothing but blogs, poker, and mass quantities of barley hops in various flavors thanks to friends who were thoughtful enough to get me a 12 bottle variety pack of beer versus a gift card to Sharper Image.



Skins vs. Vikes

Drizz hoping not to get killed on the sideline.

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