Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Gift Card? Sweet!

Work is determined to keep me in wraps for the week, hopefully this weekend I can get to the sideline pics I was able to take. Including my wife snapping off three pics of Purple Jesus' ass.

Action great. Result of game, not so much. I was told I was on TV during all of the Redskins TDs for a brief moment. Almost famous! But I'll never have GRob's hair.

Football players are big people.

Christmas was cool, Vegas monkey virus still not shaken off my back.

Hope everyone enjoyed the day as our last family gathering ended at 1:30pm yesterday, and by 1:45 we had all the decorations down due to the incoming kitchen by the end of the week. No idea why the wife was in such a frenzy to tear down the fake garland and multi-colored snowmen but its all packaged up for next year to make way for the new appliances and cabinets with crown molding as this year's paycheck is being used so we can nuke ready made mac and cheese packets in stainless steel style.

Oh, and poker still sucks. But at least I got called a fish!

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