Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Claus Knows If You've Been Bad or Good

Wyatt isn't showing any signs from taking that nasty spill (knock on wood) but he did get a letter from Santa Claus last night about the new Transformers and toys coming his way if he behaves from now until Christmas.

Every other sentence coming from his four year old mouth:

"Is he still watching me?"

Too cute for words.

Cute isn't how I'd describe that win last night by the men in purple but even with trying to give away the game, the Vikes pulled it off and head into a big wild-card potential game on Sunday night versus the resurgent Redskins. And guess who's gonna be on the sidelines?

That would be me.

Sadly, I will not be modeling the Packers t-shirt from Mrs. Chako, as I'll be part of the sideline radio crew for KFAN. Seeing that the last game I attended was against the Packers five years ago, pumped would be a tepid adjective towards seeing this game live. I'll have to keep the fanboi in me down as Purple Jesus dashes for another touchdown and every interception by Winfield as I'll be working.

So if you're watching the game on TV look for the beanpole holding up one of those dishes on the sidelines and laugh when a wave of Purple and Red bodies roll over him.

WPBT Venetian regrets: Loved it all, didn't get to that steak dinner with The Bracelet (but I blame that man-eating blackjack dealer), missed out on 4am Pai Gow with Otis, chatting up with PokerPeaker, playing in that mixed game with BWOP and F-Train (that one was my drunken fault but I blame Garth the enabler!!!), playing a little more poker with the bloggers as $2/$4 limit at the Flamingo before my flight felt like the poker purgitory with some of the worst mix of rocks/idiots I've ever seen, I had to be tapped awake two different times in two hours.

"We'll have next time" is the theme for those I missed out on seeing. And if you attended you'd know that the saying rings true. I'll be in the G-Vegas area this summer hopefully to partake in a homegame and while the IP's Pai Gow tables may be nearing the wrecking ball, I'm sure we can find someplace else in Vegas to search for steak and eggs.

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