Thursday, April 10, 2008

In the Funhouse with Donkeys

Nothing like trying to get some sleep and get popped out of bed because you downloaded the original Super Mario Brothers from NES on the Wii and your son needs help knocking the bridge out from under Bowser.

At least I don't have a poker whine for the masses today, rejoice! I thank Otis for his ability to look inward at poker despite the daily shouts from Ty Pennington's bullhorn while his Extreme Home Makeover is going on. Also, KuroKitty's find of an Ed Miller post on why you should be playing poker is a great read for those who rest on their winrates and victories versus examining why you fire up four tables at PokerStars everynight.

Short Answer: It should be fun

Tonight is always fun because I add alcohol to the mix, but why should I have to rely on Captain Morgan to make those two outers sting less? I've played the game for quite a while and should be at the tables because I want to be, versus the chance to feel superior because I've read a few books and gotten sage advice from several players that have helped over the years. My goal isn't a dollar amount (although with the summer coming up and my wife not working much it would help) but rather I'd like to be able to stare at any combination of cards that fall and walk away with nothing more then a polite nod and an honest "gg" towards the other player, win or lose.

And if that doesn't happen there's always Guitar Hero to jam to or view Lindsay Lohan pics to help Burt's Bee make some money (its not just for feet...).

Any baseball gurus out there help me with this Fantasy Baseball thing (that are not currently taking my money of course)? What kind of players should I be looking for on the free agent market? Should I try to trade for a heavy hitting team and leave my pitchers weak? Does Selsum Blue really control your dandruff?

Poker. Tonight. Riverchasers. Cheers to Al, hope he's doing well (saving up for the Bash is a current goal)

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