Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thief By Suckout

Although poker is supposed to be impersonal, you have friends at the table regardless of check-raising and slow playing monsters for value which are part of the game and shouldn’t determine whether you go out for dirty martinis and wings afterwards. Bad beats are part of the game as well, but they hurt a little more since you did all you could, placed the perfectly angled squeeze bunt down the third base line only to have a tuff of wind and a rock knock the ball sideway enough to roll to the left side of the chalk.

While I don’t take it personally, it doesn’t subside the feeling that you just looked in your pocket after getting home from the local market after buying a Black Cherry New York Seltzer, and found that pack of Topps you were looking at and were going to pay for. Sure you could return it and get a lecture about the dangers of shoplifting and being a blight on society for your little sticky fingers.

I always preferred a different method of karmatic retribution, paying a little extra the next time and telling the storekeep about what happened. You look responsible, they probably knew you took it, and you retain the ability to walk back into the store without the clerk peering over the new copy of Penthouse from the rack behind the counter.

Afterwards you can go home and relish in getting that Tony Gwynn rookie card that you got without feeling the guilt.

Poker was the same story as its been for the past two months, run good at Bodog due to a huge suckout late against Peaker and taking 5th for those yummy extra $109 in overlay tournament dollars that Bodog offers for the 1st-5th. Also, this late finish should hopefully lock up that seat in the Tournament of Champions as I started the night in 9th overall with a healthy lead over 18th.

As for the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments series… can’t the motor running, can’t suckout, just not happening. You need breaks to get deep in these things whether its win a flip, getting Aces versus Kings and holding up, or grabbing that pack of baseball cards when you didn’t pay for it.

Mookie tonight. I want that winner’s interview before the end of the year sir. Good luck.

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