Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Partially Clothed Drizz

Damn Canucks can’t keep their choppers off our land! For those ever needing to meet nature by getting slapped by a fresh trout, mosquitoes, and experience those layers of cube monkey stress stripping off like lead paint chips, visit Ely, Minnesota. Go to the tourist route and lock down a resort cabin for the week or hike/canoe/camp in the Boundary Waters and your inner Paul Bunyan will thank you.

Since I’m battling debits and credits versus a five pound smallmouth bass this morning on Lake Vermillion, how about some poker! My greatness of getting my money in behind several times yesterday at the Bodoggie (which bumped me to 6th place overall), likely inspired future 2+2-esqe, 400 page reference guides to poker. To be fair I only CALLED twice while behind and that was a decision based upon the wall clock showing an odd digit and the fact I wouldn’t be knocked out if I lost. The rest of the silly river cards in my favor showed that maybe a little luck can shine in on a otherwise dark time of playing this card game.

Want to know what real feeling towards this game is, Otis spins his tale and opens his inner poker player soul for those to see. If you feel even a percentage of that way about the game while losing, you’re on your way to becoming a complete player. Aside from knowing the math, having the feel, or studying your opponents from across the felt virtual and real; just being able to play the game at its base when money isn’t the primary driver, will get you past the “sick sick sick rivers” and see the game what its for.

A battle. Luck. Gambit. Traps. And yes, skill.

I bemoan about luck in great length here, yet the game provided me with some last night because I chose to play in a manner that allowed me to channel it if just for one evening. It’s not a comfortable way to play, but if you’re sitting at a cushy corporate job with little to no stress and even less responsibilities, perhaps you can relate that you’ll only gain what is given to you versus going outside of that snuggly flannel blankey and try to be upwardly mobile on the corporate ladder.

Thanks for dropping by, now get your Mookie on tonight as the BBT3 continues to roll over my meager bankroll like Spud Webb trying to defend the lane against Shaq.

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