Friday, April 11, 2008

Mastery of 2+2 Speak

I am unhip.

Could someone please tell me what a "donk bet" is?

Unfortunately, Lucko didn't include a 2+2 magic decoder ring :)

My apologies for being an ass, as I would like to improve my middle/late game because that seems to be my sticking point with tourneys lately. Get thru 75% of the field, and get too low and pray for a 60/40 or flip to hit my way. I don't allow myself to get blinded down to ATC will call territory, but would like to be in position more often to 3-bet without being pot committed and having to shove.

Yes, that's a poker question folks. Lindsay Lohan's breasts and betting on Sean O'Hair to be the top American in the Masters at 25-1 type golf bets are taking a back seat. Not that I'd throw money at such a thing because who the hell bets on golf?

Congrats to Recess on the win last night! $2K pot in a cash game, now a seat to the TOC, nice job!

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