Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another Day, Another Asshat

pvanharibo: brutal
Drizztdj: I hate poker
Perticelli55: i knew it was coming...
Drizztdj: good night
PokahDave: glad I folded my AK
Perticelli55: if i didnt know, i wouldnt
Drizztdj: "I knew it was coming"?
Perticelli55: i knew
Perticelli55: lol
Astin: I guess folding my 3rd T assured that
Perticelli55: sweet

Crack my aces a mere 20 minutes into the Riverchasers, fine. Gloat about it? Seems to becoming the norm at these BBT3 tournaments.

Even my patience is wearing thin.

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