Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trying to Copa Without a Cabana

Next time you're in Vegas, make sure that Africian cabbie isn't wearing too many gold rings...

... he just might be a penis snatcher!!!

I guess not double wrapping for that hooker isn't the only way to make your dick shrivel up and fall off.

Poker double standard seen twice last night:

- Berated by Pirate Lawyer for calling his small blind monkey re-steal push with TT in the big blind when I put him on AJ, AQ, AK in the early stages of the Mookie, watched him do the same call at the final table under similar chip circumstances. I felt doubling up early was worth the gamble, but I lost (he had AQ, flopped the queen). Good play or no?

- Final two tables of the $5 PLO8, player has been going off about the horrid cards people will play for the past 5 minutes in the chat box, he pots it on the button while I'm holding A255 double suited, have him covered by 4BBs, and he still has 20BBs behind. I re-pot it, he goes all-in, and I call to see him flip up... 277J rainbow

He wins with a pair of Jacks on an all high flop. Despite the crippling blow with 15 left, I made the final table and promptly got quartered the first hand and the scraps got eaten up because I had no chips to make crap hands fold.

If you're going to play a certain way, don't hold it against someone else when they do the same thing. If PirateLawyer and this PLO8 maestro were female, then I'd understand the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do attitude. Over the past ten years my wife has drilled this universally accepted logical explanation of why she's never wrong into me. :)

New trailer was supposed to be sitting on our little plot of land this morning, instead its in the park's front parking lot because the delivery guy and his third-grade aged daughter didn't bring the neccessary equipment to haul away the old one. After the wife and father-in-law spent two days off work to get it ready for that departure, the RV place will be receiving a not-so-happy phone call this morning. I'm guessing my father-in-law will not be discussing the Jared Allen to the Vikes trade with the dealership.

My "exciting" announcement is out today because unfortunately the deal fell flat due to circumstances out their control. Next week I was going here, to assist in the coverage of the brand-spanking new Latin American Poker Tour. I'm still touched that someone out there felt I was worthy of such a tap on the shoulder, but very disappointed that I won't be reporting on the new widths of g-strings on Rio's beaches along with chip counts. Hopefully there will be a mulligan coming my way.

Riverchasers tonight where you will not find me as the boy has a cross-sport class where they play basketball, soccer, and throw ninja stars at sloth-like half-caf mocha makers in Starbucks uniforms. I'll be there with a raised glass to cheer those participating on later tonight. Good luck!

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