Thursday, April 03, 2008

Doing the Bull Dance

My wife says its a tie who lasts longer, but I don't get paid to go longer then 8 seconds. In my defense, I have video proof that I can go nine seconds like a rock star (Yahoo key words: key west bull riding video).

Twins came out of the gate like Barbaro in the opener and fell like him as well over the past two games, managing just one run and wasting a great start by unknown to me Nick Blackburn. Carlos Gomez continues to look the part of promising young star in hopefully fading the trade of our ace to the Mets. If only our hyped and recently pumped full of cash middle of the lineup would do some damage, the Twins might make a run this fall.

Good way to waste $60? Open your computer to find out the fantasy baseball draft was three days ago while your self-exile from the virtual felt normally would have had you playing and not having to remember the time such things (my apologies April, but you still owe me $400 for your Longhorns flop-tactular play vs. Memphis). Self-proclaimed pink shirt and gay porn lover DP cheats and currently leading the pack, I need an "I win" button like him. Actually I'd need more help then that as my fantasy skillz rival those of Waffles picking a six team NFL parlay.

Poker blogger riffs? Check out Jordan's poker-blogging-Denis-Leary-channeling post "Assholes to Honey". My take, newer bloggers just don't get it yet. The expectation that because you have a poker blog that you're some world-class player is asking for a Whopper at McDonald's stupid (unless your Chuck Norris of course). We write about poker, and the stories behind the winning and yes losing. StB hits this subject with his "Circles of Poker Blogging Hell" series, a great synopsis of the current state of our little community of degenerate players.

It would be sad to see it crumble with all the good its brought to several people who have benefited thru actual play, the globs of free stuff thrown at us (hat tip to Al and Smokkee just to name a few), and most importantly the friendships which personally helped me to get out of the whirlpool I was getting sucked down and now am living a different life because of it (one year since I got my license back!!). A life full of hope and future, versus worrying about the past and what argument is going to pop up next.

Enough of the huggling. Riverchasers tonight, I'm putting the line at 35th and above for my finish this evening. Anyone for a small prop bet? :)

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