Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Capturing the Milk Spills

Dance to your own music, but make sure others can hear the song.

Don't know why that quote or thought rolled in my head this morning while negotiating Hwy. 169 and its labyrinth of uncapped steel and half-finished concrete structures which is a year out from being finished. But, there's one guy (or Guy) that is waltzing with life and currently orbiting the earth as a result. Familiar to Vegas show go'ers and high stakes poker fanbois, billionaire Guy Laliberte founder of Cirque du Soleil blasted off from inside Kazakhstan to orbit until Friday according to this Yahoo article.

The one thing that caught my eye in the post was his age:

Williams, a two-time space traveler who recently became a grandfather, and Surayev plan to stay in orbit for 169 days. Laliberte is to return to Earth after 12 days in space.

Laliberte, 50, has a 95 percent stake in Cirque du Soleil, a circus arts and theater performance company that turned 25 this year.

Really? He's only 50? After watching High Stake Poker the last few years I would have put him the solid upper 50s/low 60s catagory.


After watching the kids for the past two evenings while the wife gets her stress relief from pounding volleyballs, there's too many things I'd like to capture on film before the days of dating, parent hating, sexual confusion, and teen angst settle in. My little spider monkey daughter's iron grip while waking her up and carrying the Strawberry Shortcake clothed form to the car every morning, is something that refreshes the batteries quicker than any new product from Starbucks would ever do.

As soon as some dollars flow from online poker and reporting picking up a cheaper but decent camcorder/camera is on the list of fun money spending after the red ink is chipped away from a meager summer.

Any suggestions from the tech-heads out there? I don't need fancy settings, just something that doesn't completely blur out while trying to keep up with the kids.

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