Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Foolsball Eve

This blogger is not the only one who finds today's 09/09/09 date as significant. My personal feelings towards my favorite number arouse the need to shove some cash towards various wagers this evening (VIKINGS SUPER BOWL CHAMPS BABY WHOOOOOO WHOOOO!!!!). Most likely in line with the two seconds I actually spend at home, I'll pass out while John Kruk breaks down the flat assed Twins on Baseball Tonight as they crawl towards another second place finish in the AL Central.

Thankfully I did not plan any trips to Vegas over this date or my winnings at Binion's during the WSOP would be disbursed among single moms offering companionship two songs at a time, that big dollar wheel while annoying the hell out of the unfortunate Harrah's employee in charge of swiping my 40 to 1 bet off the board with every spin, and of course the fine staff in the Pai Gow pits at the Gold Coast.

Instead a very tame, surburbanite day with my newly minted first grade boy with more attempts to get him roaming on the new bike that looks nothing like my Huffy BMX with kick ass gold mags and a crossbar held by duct tape after the pursuit to dissuade gravity from taking hold of my flight off a make-shift dirt hill ended with my face going through the metal bar with a Frank Dux brick-breaking force. Tonight might contain a neosporin/band-aid moment but no ER.


Fantasy Football, Football Pick Em', College Pick Em', Eliminator, anyone else have a contest I need to know about before kickoff tomorrow?

Yes, the Pats are playing but they're still considered a National Football League team despite having a model for a quarterback and being a football fan I'll be compelled to watch after softball tomorrow night while in my normal cash grab for donkeys at Full Tilt and PokerStars on Thursday nights.

Anyone wager on DawnSummers single-handedly shutting down Twitter with Brady updates tomorrow?

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