Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Proper" Football

Yes, those fleet footed crossing passes and diving for yellow cards shin-guard wearing gentlemen will have to take a back seat in this country now that the NFL is back with the Titans/Steelers game this evening (not the Dreamboat-led Pats as this rum-soaked blogger thought yesterday, my apologies to those Boston sports fans who think suffering is going through a year without a season ending championship parade).

The Vikes will wait until Sunday to take on the Browns. ManGenius and Favre are already in the media spotlight since one can't decide if he can play all 16 games (and if Childress likes his job 17, 18, or 19 games) while the other is trying to keep his starting quarterback decision silent? This makes sense how? Its not like Quinn and Anderson are THAT much different as both are pocket passers, right-handed, and probably enjoy Ranch dressing on their side salad during the half priced Wednesday night specials at Outback Steakhouse. This isn't Michael Vick and Peyton Manning different its more mint chocolate chip and peppermint bon-bon different, so where's the catch, where's the drama, where's the beef?

There is no beef because regardless of who starts the Vikes' defensive game plan doesn't change one iota. This isn't plugging in a lefty reliever because the opposing manager is sending a left-handed power hitting slugger to pitch hit. Even before coaching one game Eric Mangini is managing to not only confuse the local press but his own team and its fans by showing zero confidence toward whomever starts Sunday night but not naming him at the beginning of the week.

As for Favre. Expected.

But I did like the blurb about him taking 10 minutes in the locker room to be honest with his new teammates about his reasons for returning to football. For Vikes fans, let's hope it turns into a cohesive locker room around its aging future HOF'er and one man media circus, and wins not just headlines are the result.


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