Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WCOOP Post-Partum Depression

And whew.

During my week at the PokerStarsBlog helping out with the final week of coverage for this years WCOOP at PokerStars I had to neglect my personal home of internet scribbling for the sake of watching people dish out millions of dollars. ElkY was a big winner taking home two WCOOP bracelets. djk123 took down player of the series honors with two huge bracelets and a deep run (4th place) in the WCOOP Main Event (won by Yevgeniy "Jovial Gent" Timoshenko). Day 1 Live blog that I helped out with is here.

As for this guy, I covered the lengthy PLO HU-matches which thanks to huge blinds and a chip of luck lasted 21 hours. Each level had one match that would go on for over an hour longer than the rest, so picking and choosing quick cat naps was a bit difficult. My favorite of course was the NLO8 with 10-minute levels, even though I'd rather be playing this myself, to watch the high level four card crack game was a bit of an eye-opener that got me thinking if there's such a tourney on the schedule next year I may have to ask the boss for a night off and think about throwing a paycheck towards this event.

There's a little sadness after the whirlwind week finally died down as "normal" schedules seep back into the household instead of kissing the wife before she goes off to work at 5:30am while typing up the bust-out hand of the seventh place finisher. I loved every minute of it. Sure the hours got a little thin but something different in the way of work is a piece missing from my corporate self as my job is fairly flat without chances of climbing any imaginary ladder. The people are fun, the hours almost me to have a day with the kids, the benefits secure their health coverage until my daughter finds her way into the medicine cabinet or constructs a Jenga-like tower out of pillows, step-stools, and oversized lego blocks to reach her favorite puzzle book on the top shelve that even my 5'3" wife can't reach, and bust her arm from a fall.

Otis sent an email after we closed the books on the WCOOP for the PokerStarsBlog thanking the five person crew (myself, Change100, Short Stack Shamus, and California Jen) that made the long morning hours seem like minutes. Thank YOU sir for the faith you have putting this half-child in a group such as you four and see you in December...

... which segues into WPBT Winter Classic hype mode.

With the plane tickets in hand, the deposit is down for Bloggers Booze and Balls, and Mr. JoeSpeaker himself started of the NFL blogger prop betting season since the Nardi brothers missed an optimal chance at this Viking fanboi giving up 20 points to the lowly Lions. This weekend its the newly minted 49ers trolling into town for the Vikes home opener. Led by the black R Lee Ermey of the NFL, according to the aftermentioned blogger there's new toughness to the 49ers team but that didn't prevent him from requesting I give up 6.5 points. NO FAITH IN FRANK GORE RUSHING FOR 34 YARDS ON 27 CARRIES?????? DROP AND GIVE ME 25 PRIVATE PYLE!!!!!!!

I'm not in full Vikings Rube mode yet as the wins came against bad opponents and horrible first half performances on both sides of the ball. Should the Vikes pull out a win this weekend against an upstart team with the stingy defense (by more than 6.5 TYVM) this fan may start plastering globs of Purple love on these pages.

Until tomorrow folks. SKOL!!

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