Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Thing Flips

Instead of the daily posting that I'd like to be mumbling out its been "let's see what I can type in the 15-30 minutes of free time".


The extended "vacation" at the trailer/cabin for Labor Day was parts relaxing and parts non-stop partying. Whether it was taking the kids to the overflowing pool ladened with illegal teens wearing something that constituted as a bikini. Yes, I looked and yes I have aisle seat to hell thank you very much. The sheer amount of tramp stamps also viewed has me looking into a trailer trash safely vault for my prized daughter as I'll be the one shaking my head in 10 years (please make it a loooooooooong 10 years) as I'll get the speech about how Bobbi-with-an-i got the ancient Japanese word for rice cake tattoo'd across her ass cheeks yesterday and she wants one too.

There are also a dose of cliches waddling around like the 350 lbs. woman (I think) donning a living room drape with the words "I don't think you're getting lucky tonight". After seeing that, I didn't feel at all lucky.

But, freaks aside there's no place in the summer I'd rather be that doesn't contain overflowing Pai Gow Poker tables and LA douchebags looking to score at Sapphire with that one stripper who might come back to their hotel room after a couple grand in lap dances and $35 Captain and Cokes. The economical play would have been to hit up the hooker bar at the casino and get laid minus the glitter of course.

The quarter carnvial with mini-donuts, mini games, mini rides and mini golf suited both the kids and parents senses and wallets with promises of easily breakable light-up toys in exchange for a dash of skill. The park's yearly end-of-the-season activity closes the books on weekend drinking and flailing asleep on undersized beds for 6'4" semi-pro pinball players.

Get your game going if you think you can hang at Addam's Family pinball this December WPBT-go'ers. Tour the mansion and sparkly initials added? Yes sir. Annoyed looked from five people waiting to play? Go check out that Pole Position game in the corner or put a wager on the machine sir.


Today marks the boy's journey into big boy school as his first day of first grade and all-day school attendance starts after walking into the bus on the corner of 69th and Hemlock. My hopes are as always that he keeps his spirits high and continues to be friendly to anyone within an earshot and doesn't fail where I did at that age.

Elementary school is something I've always looked back at with contempt as the skinny bookworm with a hearing disablity who tried to ingrain himself into some group of people only to find the library, home, and baseball diamonds after school as a place of solace. He has two good ears (as checked throughly yearly) but the acquired big blue eyes and smile from his father which hopefully will get a few smiles in return along with youthful friendship that I lacked growing up.

Good luck Wyatt, may you keep your smile and share it so others can enjoy it as much as your parents do.


A quick Fantasy Football Draft question for those who still gather up their friends for a live draft:

Is every year a cluster-fuck of "OMG THAT WASN'T IN THE RULES?!?!" and other massive disagreements that take two hours longer then it should have to solve.

As always the food and drink provided by my friend BJ soothed the volleying of draft order, keepers, and points arguments but starting at five and ending somewhere around 10:30 shouldn't happen for a league of close friends that throw in $25.

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