Friday, January 22, 2010

Rush Poker at Full Tilt

For multi-table addicts out there, Rush Poker at FTP is your new crack pipe.

I tried it out this morning waiting for my daughter's preschool to finish up and pulled up a couple of tables with .25/.50 blinds. Managed a small profit thanks to quads and AA vs. QQ holding up, but that wasn't what I was curious about. My thoughts were on the amount of FTP points and rakeback potential.

See the picture below as I haven't been playing much/at all at FTP this month due to two impending trips and sudden addiction to other gaming (aka Dragon Age):

That was one hour on two tables. Makes getting iron man feasible again for the low-rolling guy if that is something you desire. As 4 tables of PLO8 6-max at the same blinds usually netted around 150 FTPs after 2-3 hours. If you got the need for speed this is your new Ferrari. It's not for everyone, but for the habitual multi-tabler it's a chance to pair down those 10-12 tables into 3 or 4.

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