Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Starting today or maybe yesterday you'll find my posts (except the dark, semi-creepy, non-Confucius filled scribbings) both here and at MNPokerMag.com, with two kids and a continuation of last spring's fitness resolution there hasn't been time to squeeze out enough strictly poker-related material between two blogs. Throw into the mix that Playstation 3 that I bought on Amazon while comfortably in my lucky green and red jammies with dice on them on Black Friday for the same price as those who lined up at midnight at various stores (SUCKERS!), and my little poker free time is being torn into another half.

Dragon Age: Origins has been the name of the timesuck. It takes me back to the days before I dished out money on the virtual poker tables and spent my days doleing out critical hits on lvl 50 Enchanters and hunting down the latest uber gear in Dark Age of Camelot. Except this time it's with a clearer mind of not getting addicted to the seemingly endless storyline. For some it's killing pixels via Modern Warfare or Borderlands, for me I enjoy the specializations and nerdery of RPG games with valliant quests to find Rexel's mother who was lost in the woods during the Blight's latest's push to overcome mankind.


Yes, I know this. Some people do quilting in the dark, I play online RPG games and can still hit a softball further than you so there. I win at life and get the +6 DragonScale Cool Shades.

Poker will come back into focus by the weekend as the WBCOOP is starting up at the end of the month and this humble blogger would love to be on both sides of the SCOOP ticket this time. I'll also run a live-blog here most likely for the 8-game or PLO tourney if I'm at home and grab a piece of couch that isn't overrun by two kids hopped up on those M and M stuffed plastic candy canes.

See you then.

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