Monday, January 11, 2010

Packers Have Nine Zero Lives Left

(sorry for the title screw-up)

I tried to turn off the Packers/Cardinals game yesterday.

Down 17 and the Buzzsaw slicing downfield against one of the top defenses in the league for a fourth straight score as Fitzgerald Jr. racing beyond the red zone only to be met with a perfectly placed fist of Charles Woodson who started this track meet with a fumble. Rodgers struts out a promptly goes downfield for the first of many scores.

In what should have been a blowout, the Packers showed everyone just how underrated this team was (giving the Packers praise is making me nauseous) and doing without two big starters on defense and an offensive line where they had to pull some construction guys away from their 30 pack of Natty Light and ice fishing houses to play left guard. Kudos to the Pack for making this a game when rolling over and dying would have been the play for most of the other NFL teams. A 4th and 5 late in the game turned into a late touchdown, a missed 34 yard field goal by a kicker who'd missed just one kick all year with a few seconds left, AND winning the coin toss in a second half where both defenses decided to take in that figure skating special showing on NBC (I believe, sadly triple lutzes by women in leotards and sequins doesn't do much for me).

In the end it was a hesitation by Rodgers and a ball bouncing into Karlos Dansby's lap with no one but some uplifted turf to stop him from winning the game 51-45. Who wouldn't have wanted to see Favre Bowl III?

The Dallas Cowboys that's who.

To segue into this machine that face the Purple this weekend, that turned in another big performance by dismantling the Eagles on Saturday 34-14 and cementing the other team name on the NFC divisonal round playoff games at the Mall of America field (yes, corny name for a stadium that HOPEFULLY on its way out). While both teams carry solid defenses on their backs, I'm predicting a high scoring game although nothing like the one yesterday at the Pink Taco. Both defenses are going to get spread out by the pass leaving the running games to determine which team will control the clock and mostly likely the scoreboard. I wouldn't be a true homer if I didn't think Purple Jesus would hold a slight advantage but we'll see if the kid can return to early season form and not this 9 for 50 yards and a Tom Rathman-esqe goal line touchdown.

The nerves of Romo vs. the not-getting-any-younger arm of Brett Favre. Favre wants the ultimate fuck you to Ted Thompson, while Romo would love to have the fumbled field goal kick replays to stop, who is going to get their redemption?

Had to play it once...

Excuse me while I flog myself after singing praises to the Packers (seriously great game sirs, very entertaining win or lose).

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