Monday, January 04, 2010

Restored for 2010

I should have done a year end wrap-up post, but didn't.

I should have had some words about laying out like an amateur on New Year Eve, but didn't.

I should, I should, I should but didn't.

Instead I spent the weekend with my family and getting plenty of rest in lieu of getting back to braving the sub-arctic weather that now rolls thru the plains of Minneapolis' suburbs (note to bloggers coming up here in August: the weather will be a tad different, maybe less spit-freezing-before-it-hits-the-ground type of cold). The result was getting rid of the nasty H1N1-Vegas strain of gunk that has held onto my lungs for the past three weeks, and seeing two kids with a little brighter smiles.

The weekend wasn't completely carefree and degenerate-like as there was the Sunday Warm-up final table wrap which Justin "looshle" Pechie a WSOP circuit event runner-up ran over the table for the most part but succumbed while heads up to take down $129K.

No, instead there was a lot of disconnect from the internet as nights I could have filled with my sudden re-interest in giving away money at the PL/NLO8 tables (as in 7 to 10 tabling like in years past), or sitting down with my thoughts and Cap'n Coke to chronicial a few tidbits for the friends that drop by here even after the Google bomb took most of the readers away, there was afternoon naps and no angry buzzing white noise in my head. Just peace.

This week will change that as I have three different projects/posts that I'm wanting to move from the in-box to the out-box as well as getting rid of the clutter thanks to hurricane Kyra as Christmas gifts have been spread to the nether regions of my home.

And home is where you'll find the Vikings after the Philadephia Eagles decided to watch game tape of the Vikings first half against the Bears. They looked as flat and out-of-sync as trying to belly up to the bar after partying with Al Cant Hang the previous night. Dallas on the other hand look competent with an array of crossing patterns aimed for #3 receiver Patrick Crayton, sidelines to Miles Austin, with Jones and Barber hitting the holes opened up the middle for a decent 24-0 win. While Dallas did win the game, the Eagles did many things to assure a loss and the now #6 seed instead of getting a week off AND most likely playing the Vikings where they have shown to display their worse football (away and outdoors), they'll have to return to Double J's StarWorld to prevent a second drubbing.

Two more wild card games are going off this coming weekend where they play the same teams in the first round, Cards vs. Pack (at the Pink Taco where the Pack looked scary good against a horrible Matt Leinart who must not have been fed his daily requirement of ASU virgins before the game) and WHODEY! vs. Jets-Jets-Jets where it appeared that Rex Ryan may have eaten those ASU virgins before putting a smackdown on one of the surprise teams this season.

As for the inconsistantly-consistant Vikings they spread their offense yesterday pummeled a depleted Giants team that started 5-0 only to be eliminated from playoff contention in week 16. 44-7 was the final score but factor in the T-Jack show for most of the second half and the Vikes improved their BCS bowl standings by rolling up an extra touchdown on 4th and goal while ahead 34-0. Not sure if Chilly had some motive for needling the 2008 champs but when you run the fake middle run and toss to the fullback or tight end six or seven times each time with success AND see Purple Jesus not getting huffy about the lack of touches while still running effectively (9 carries and 1 catch with ZERO FUMBLES), there's a chance this team will have some good things going for them in the upcoming weeks.

The playoff scenerio also assured the Vikes will play all of their playoff game(s) in domes which added to the 8-0 home record where they scored no less than 27 points a game. The bleak Super Bowl outlook just hit a huge river card please don't blow it, this fan would love to see his team follow through on something just once but the ghost of Gary Anderson is lingering with every TV stats-a-holic bringing up Longwell's accuracy rating from inside the 45.

How many PokerStars one-time chips can I use? Three would be perfect thankyouverymuch.

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