Thursday, January 21, 2010

Splitting the Turn and River

Is there any poker downtime anymore?

The start of Tennis' Australian Open means the Aussie Million should be kicking off... yep. Good luck to those covering and playing.

And we bloggers have our own free attempt to become high rollers once SCOOP at PokerStars rolls around. As the WBCOOP kicks off next week with a series of freerolls to enter players into the Spring Championship of Online Poker with a chance of fancy watches and bundles of cash (not to mention the probability of a dashing poker blogger writing about your exploits).

The Borgata had the single reason Southern Comfort turns a profit every year in a line that rivaled any DisneyWorld ride to enter their 2010 Winter Open. Check out his live-ish Tweet-fest from donkey-land here.

We'll stop this poker reporting for a breaking development. Ever wonder what lady bobsledders are wearing while you watch the Winter Olympics come up soon? Wonder no more:

Much better than Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction by far.

Tonight a return to the virtual felt for me as a warm-up for next week as I'd like to be a part of SCOOP in a writer/player capacity much like Pete Rose being a player/manager/gambler for the Phillies. Except without the asshole holier-than-thou attitude and busty sidekicks while signing autographs at a Vegas sports memorabilia store. Instead I'll surround myself with two kids that have no off button, a handle of Captain, and a signature worth less than Tiger Woods' current endorsement deals.

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