Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cautious Splurging

Today I resign the blogging floor to Truckin' since there only so many homerisms I can expell about the Vikings. Actually there's several more paragraphs to fill but people don't come here for Vikings insight as much as to listen to a good hearted rant or about my horrible poker play.

Speaking of which many folks are breaking out their 2010 poker spreadsheets already and recapping last year. My stats? Hell if I know, the most information I'd get is from a place like Official Poker Rankings (and I'm sure its not pretty). Or that I played two live tournaments last year with one lasting 15 minutes and the other 15 hours. There a fancy Excel spreadsheet and tattered notebook I used to use back before the UIGEA came out and there was an actual bankroll online that allowed me to play the stakes I'd become semi-profitible at. Since then, we got a new kitchen, I got bionic ears, and paid off a good chunk of the summer trailer leaving scraps online. Enough to play the very small donkaments and practice bad bankroll management while multi-tabling the $50 NL/PLO8 tables but nothing more.

Sure this summer the bankroll got a hefty boost from the Binion tourney chop, but when my wife earns half as much for three months out of the year that money is better spent on day-to-day things versus shoving a premium hand preflop against the crack-addled regulars at the NLO8 tables who don't even blink at losing five buy-ins from flipping coins. If I ever had to explain to my wife why slim edges in Omaha need to be exploited in the long run after dropping three buy-ins, I'd quit.

Luckily that money is separate from the house funds so if I were to bust, it would hurt the extracurricular activities and life would move on without poker for a while.

Another reason the funds are getting stretched? It's our 10th anniversary this year and I'd like to do something special for the wife as she selected Vegas as our mutual gift (but WE mutually paid with MY winnings, funny our marriage works like that). Since we're staying at the MGM Grand I have heard of something called "Prima" which is account which you plug in $500.00 and get "high-roller perks" including 2 for 1 dinners and drinks, upgraded room, happy ending mutual massages by Jessica Biel look-a-likes, etc...

What Jessica Biel may look like

I don't mind overspending a bit, but is the program worth it or is that money better spent elseware like for lap dances at Sapphire and ice cream at the Gold Coast after? Remember I'm steak and potatoes/Captain Morgan not Steak Frites/Cristal) fine dining isn't something I do without a Nardi brother pointing out wine selections and how good the salmon spread or pork rinds are.

Anyway on with the blogzine from Dr. Pauly!

January 2010, Vol. 9, Issue 1

New year.

New issue of Truckin'.

Let's kick of 2010 with two new faces.

1. Tubes Under Sand by Paul McGuire The massive and elaborate tunnel system was cluttered with insane Vietnam vets eating black widow spiders, heroin addicts shooting up in the darkness, and methheads cooking up a new batch of Nazi crank... More

2. No Era Mi IntenciĆ³n (I Meant No Harm) by Sean T. KellyWe weren't the only local wildlife in that town, population 237. Hawks circled overhead hunting for prey. Iguanas scurried aimlessly across the sidewalks heading for the security of the underbrush... More

3. Unpublished by Anonymous He could look away from the noose he's woven. He could find something else into which he can comfortably slip. He has the power and he's done it before... More

4. Down the Upward Staircase by George TateBebop was one of those guys kind of handicapped in the girl department. He had been shy all his life and never a ladies man. He wasn't strange or picky. He always looked at the girls and when he couldn't go anymore would find his pick in a massage parlor or on his running board... More

5. Dispatches from Miami: The Lot by Paul McGuire Deviant derelicts crawl out of the shadows and invading the parade of freaks. That's when the inmates eventually take over the asylum... More

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