Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hit Me Favre-y One More Time

Its game day.

Time for the Vikes to prove for the past few years that the only reason their team have not made championship runs is due to the deficiency at quarterback. He may be 40 years old, and the bane of Vikings fans for the past two decades but today Brett Favre takes the field in the Purple and Gold one more time with a legit shot at a second Lombardi trophy run.

Stiff competition coming from the resurgent Dallas Cowboys who sadly will not be bringing their wonderful orbs chest flesh and legs that can reach both ends of Jerry's World and just a few butt hugging strides. Examples shown below:

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Image from

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Lost in the silicone and Rockette shaped legs is a damn good football team that steam rolled the Eagles on back-to-back weekends to stake their claim in the vistor's locker room at the newly named Mall of America field for today's NFC Divisional playoff game. All the analyst are picking Dallas, and thanks to a certain blogger cooler, so are the bloggers.

Can Romo overcome noise and Jared Allen giving him Cowboy Stew receipes over the top of a very talented Cowboys O-Line (even chippy Flozell Adams get a nod and hopefully no one on the D-Line limps away with a torn ACL today). Can Favre win big in the Dome despite not wearing a Packer uniform? Will Pat Williams get to live his dream of doing a Slap Shot-like striptease for the folks in Florida after the Super Bowl? Will I get to bloat these pages with more Viking talk for at least one week?


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