Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ferris Bueller Gets Another Day Off, Favre Does Not

Matthew Broderick has revealed he wanted to film a sequel to his classic eighties hit Ferris Bueller’s Day Off — which was written and directed by the late John Hughes.

The actor — who is married to married to Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker — says he spoke with Hughes before his death last year about making a follow-up film that would catch up with Ferris as an adult.

“It’s something we talked about – catching up with Ferris as an adult and seeing how he turned out,” says Matthew. “We never quite got it together though. I’m still not sure what Ferris would be up to now.

“I wish John was around because he might have a good idea. I think he would maybe be living in a rich house near where he grew up. I bet he would be exactly like his parents.”

The actor says he wouldn’t oppose a Day Off remake — but he wouldn’t want to to be involved.
“A remake would be fine,” said Broderick. “I would be perfectly happy for somebody to do that. I probably wouldn’t enjoy having a role in the film. I would rather leave what we did as our thing.”

And please no re-make, other than Rounders 2, I'd love to see this sequel (about 15 years too late) how Ferris adapted to adult life when he doesn't have to bum rides off of people because he got a computer. Maybe segue to Charlie Sheen as a reformed drug addict turned sex addict? Jen Grey put in a corner by Edward R. Rooney only to have the real ghost of Patrick Swayze kick his ass Road House style.
Someone hurry up to Sunday because I usually like to face my disappointment by ripping the band-aid off rather than slowly edging the adhesive. Favre hasn't thrown a true pick-six (the one against the Steelers was Taylor's usually reliable hands taking a required 15 minute OSHA break), and with Drew Pearson's ghost floating around I'd rather see a blowout than Joe Buck reminding people, with 1:53 left on the clock down by 4 and on the 17 yard line with zero time-outs, for the 28th time during the telecast that Favre has 19,439 4th quarter comebacks.
Like a prudish high school girlfriend, don't show me the boob then spend the next two hours gathering up every sexual thought that's run thru my virgin brain only to be sitting alone in a multi-colored 85' Nova hatchback listing to a tape of Tears for Fears with a case of blue balls that's on par with taking a steel-toed boot to the midsection. Strip those Hello Kitty panties off and lets hope you don't get knocked up from the firehose method of birth control because that condom I had in my wallet for the past three years couldn't hold a piece of lint.
For the haters side, as always you should be reading Kissing Suzy Kolber's hater's guide to the playoffs. (Minnesota section found here). Seriously, this game should rock on both sides of the ball. It won't be the shootout that's happening on Saturday between the Saints and Cards, but I'm going against all the analyst's predictions (several of these guys should have their "NFL Analysis" cards taken away from them, Packers all the way playing against a team that curb-stomped them twice and AT HOME, really?!?!) and making the homer prediction of a 24-20 victory for the Purple.

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