Friday, August 11, 2006

Carnies Are Fun

Can you really call a beer garden, Mini Donut stand (which smelled divine), a Wheel of (Mis)Fortune, plus a retro-crunk-whammy bar lovin polka band called "Blackjack" (guys... going from "My Girl" to "Devil Went Down to Georgia" to "The Funky Chicken" has a toddler's fingernails on an open sore feeling to it) a carnival?

Had the kids all strapped in, fed, de-pooped, toys in hand, and carrying cases in the car. But, we get to the St. Vincent's church "carnival" and it looked more like a fund raiser for Sister Marie's new Lark with optional basket and Dukes of Hazard-theme horn, rather then a place to bring the kids for a little over-priced fun.

It least God didn't smite me on the virtual felts as I managed to pull a little coin from various sites while dabbling in small cash games. I still haven't gotten the balls/nerves/yang/de-pussified feeling from my "game" to start playing the levels I used to play prior to the arrival of spawn #2.

Call it a hitch, call it listening to a good friend, but when do I get back to the $100 and $200 games again?

Maybe the answer will come after softball season and I have more then a couple hours during the week to bounce pixelized chips off the foreheads of people I can't see.

Have a good weekend folks.

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