Thursday, August 03, 2006

Time Line

Here's a summer poker night summary that's pretty common for me during the work week:

Marvel at my ability to only take 45 minutes to get Wyatt asleep (that's sarcasm folks)

Kiss wife good night, stare at her ass when she exits the room

Think unpure thoughts

Log into computer Helllllllllllllllllllo Shana Hiatt Wallpaper!!!

Try to psyche self up to deposit enough into a site to play my regular $100 or $200 PLO8 or NLHE cash games

Realize the time, pat self on the back for not starting to play

Log on to three different poker sites to see if there's any money left

Look at tomorrow's lines for the baseball games

IM Speaker before betting on the A's to see if he's watching the game

Railbird random blogger tournament that started before I could log on

Log into IRC #WPBT

Read most recent bad beat story by Helixx

Wish I was in Vegas with these fine folks

Hop into a low limit game with bloggers

Remember why I enjoy poker once again

Win or lose the equivilent of a pack of Juicy Fruit

Think about purchasing Juicy Fruit at work to celebrate crushing the penny tables for 15BBs

Play in micro limit tourney

Curse to self about not winning a coin flip

Railbird the high stakes game at Full Tilt

Marvel at the total disregard Matusow has for money

Ask Bobby for porn searching tips

Grab kleenex

Watch the ending of some 90's movie that I've seen 15 times

Wow, Denzel is sexy!

Look at clock, curse self again for staying up

Say goodbyes, log off

Listen to wife snore

Stare at glow-in-the-dark star stickers left by the previous owner

Drift into a deep sleep hoping there will be no two a.m. wake up call by Kyra (and she's been sleeping thru the night lately YEAAAAA!)

Once softball is finished for the year, I'll get back on the saddle about playing "seriously" and be able to post a little more pokery content. But until then you'll have to put up with the arguementive regurgitation that flies out of my mouth into the cyberspace.

Thanks for dropping by, now if anyone has some tips for getting a toddler to bed without causing a level 24 migraine headache. I'm all ears, well whatever is left of my hearing at least.

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