Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dreeeeeeeeam, Dream, Dream, Dream

I am continually getting this dream of my wife cheating on me. There’s no indication as such actions would take place. No lack of affection or love (relative lack of sex… different story, but understandable with the new baby and really not an issue).

So, what is a semi-surf savvy guy to do? Hit up Ted Steven’s tubes and find out what others say.

Apparently, I’m having self-esteem issues or I’m not measuring up. Of course chatting with Bobby and his anaconda-sized junk probably doesn’t help.

Self-esteem? I haven’t always been the most confident guy in the world, hell even in the gaming world I was just happy to be included in a group despite being one of the better players. Softball is the same, when asked to play on a team; I’m truly honored no matter the skill level of the team. Maybe I’m just humble given my disabilities.

Is it a sign that I need to take the plunge of playing for higher stakes? Or should I just stop whining, put a stitch in my gash, and enjoy being happy as I have been for several months now?

Yeah. Gash. Stitch. Sew it up. Have a beer. Watch some midget porn.

Thanks for dropping by, now Otis had a post yesterday that really made me realize how lucky we all are to have friends and the ability to make friends (warning, the post contains a cute kid pic and a hottie wife picture). As I’ve stated in the past, despite it being just a card game and that blogs are gay, reaching out to invisible internets people like you have revived not only my marriage, but me. Funny how that works, people that you can’t even see, having an impact on how your day flows. Never would have crossed my mind two years ago. It still boggles my mind today.

Speaking of mind-trips: How is John Madden is still allowed to announce despite the inability to know if the team on the field has the bases loaded with two outs, is lining up a corner kick, or if the serve was in or out. Please just work on the video game and take Joe Buck and Joe Morgan with you.

I don’t need to list names nor can I verse my feelings properly like many others that I read on a daily basis, but thank you all and remember its only 39 days till the Bash and your chance to see a lanky MinnesOOOtan get his drink on and probably receive a few demerits for public intoxication.

Just don’t let me dance or attempt to beat StB in the Good n’ Plenty championships.

Those are my only requests. And I'm done rambling for the day. Later.

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