Monday, August 28, 2006

Preamble to Nothing

Due to circumstance totally under control and general laziness on my part... I forgot to upload the pictures from the fair on Friday.

I blame laundry, Wyatt's inability to go to bed without having every book from Clifford's Birthday to Tonka Trucks: Construction Zone! and that 6 seat in the Party Poker LO8 game that set me in an uncomfortable place mentally for like two hours.

A long way of saying, I tilted.

Since I'm tapped out physically from this weekend, my ink well is also dry.

Please enjoy the rest of the fine readings today on the right, and I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with some pictures of the fair with some commentary about the walks of life I viewed.

Pssst... wanna see hot chicks? Go to a Country music concert.

Good. God. My problem is they were probably 15 going on 22. But, I still looked.


Least I not forget... Sir Rev. Dr. AlCantHang has the following announcement:

I'm copying everybody who I have on the list so far for attending the bash this year. Because of the steep minimum donation and the limited space at the Gavin Smith tourney, a $25 satellite has been setup on Full Tilt Poker for a seat in the game.

The tourney is at 9pm EST on August 31st and listed as "Gavin Charity Tournament". The tournament is password protected (NOTE: password is charitybash) and I will pass that along when I get it but I wanted to give everyone the head's up.

A big thank you goes out to TripJax for setting this up for me.

Hope to see you there next thursday. Pass along the info.



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