Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Does the Winner Really Win?

Let's hope there's a screening process for the strip poker players...

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At least they had the foresight to make sure there was equal amount of men and women, can't imagine the sausage party would be much fun. Will the dealers be strippers like some Dallas-based tourneys are?


Last night raised parenting pop quiz question #4,389:

You're bring your toddler to a three-day, two hours a time, vacation bible school to learn to play along with other kids that are a little bit older then him (unfortunately he's the only three year old, and the kids went all the way up to ten). Also, to learn a little bit about taking directions from other adults.

Your toddler is excited about going to the "special class" because you read the information off the brochure and made it sound like he was going to the Las Vegas of churches complete with ultra lounges and world famous day spas. He snarfs down his chicken strips and peaches with the speed of Takeru Kobayashi and we're off to the little church a couple of blocks from our house.

You arrive at the church and suddenly he's skeptical and doesn't want to go. The fear of not having his parents with with him during crafts time is kicking in. Attempts to unbuckle his safety seat are met with resistance and pleas to return home to play there.

Being ever the slick salesman/woman you manage to get the child out of the seat without injury to either of you but once inside the church he curls up into a protective, parental ball. If the smiling teen in the lacey yellow outfit approaches, he hides behind your leg clutching for her to just go away. Many other adults approach and attempt to pry him into the activities which have started but like the North and South ends of a magnet he snaps right back onto your leg.

The question:

You know once he starts an activity he'll be fine; how do you get him started without him imitating a velcro strip to your leg?

It took us 20 minutes last night, and of course when he got home he all giggly and chatting about the activities they did and proudly displayed the cupcake (called a cinnamon roll because he calls any kind of desert roll a cinnamon roll) that he made with the crafts from the "treasure hunt" they participated in.

I'd rather not go through the same thing tonight. Even if you don't have kids, drop me a reply.

Any advice is welcome.

Thanks for dropping by, now whoever bumped this item out of my reach, I hope you enjoy it. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Edit: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU LUSH! I think God has it in for the Vikes this year, especially after the one and out turned in by our 1st round draft pick.

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