Thursday, August 24, 2006

See You at the Fair!

Hmmmmm... cheese curds
I'll be at the Minnesota State Fair tomorrow despite Wyatt telling my mom that I had to stay home with the baby because she's too little to go. If anyone wants to spot me, I'm about 6'4" pale white, pushing a stroller with two kids, wearing some kind of poker swag, and mostly likely in a bad mood because after about 15 minutes of walking Wyatt will want to be carried for the rest of the day.
I'm sure some Australian Battered Potatoes (with Ranch of course) and a bucket of Sweet Martha's fresh chocolate chip cookies will right the sail however. Fried foods always make for a happier fair-go'er, especially with two tots in tow.
Most likely I'll be giving away more money at the PLO tables on Full Tilt again tonight, rough couple of nights back-to-back with poorly timed bluffs and not getting a 2nd best hand to pay me off. I'm still learning the ins-and-outs of the non-split version of Omaha and can see why more players are shifting towards it.
Thanks for dropping by, now what sane person tries to burn down a porn store (scroll down about half-way down the page)?? I don't think those guys who were mid-stroke appreciated the wacko's pyro-technic show.
And a question that has no relevance to anything... Can bunnies swim?
For some reason after seeing one this morning on the way to dropping the kids off, I had a drifting thought about giving Wyatt a pet rabbit. But, the rabbit turned Cujo-like evil that not even a holy hand grenade would save us, so I picked it up by its ears to fling the killer rabbit into the pond behind our house.
And the daydream stopped, I don't know if the thing could swim back.

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