Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Checklist For Bodily Destruction

Two tickets to McCarran Airport - Check

Suitcases not packed by me - Check

Bankroll to obtain round disks of monetary value at various casinos - Check

Liver - Questionable, but is a game time decision

Two tickets to Folies Bergere - Check

Spousal unit in a good mood - Will know more after Wednesday night, currently all smiles

Minnesota Sports Jersey - Gophers Hockey or Vikings? (I'm leaning towards Lucia's crew)

Lack of sleep for the past two weeks - Check

Poker hot streak before going to Vegas - Not exactly, but I'm still having fun

Random porn viewed for desensitization to four days of too much cleavage and women wearing less than six layers of clothing - Hmmmm Candy Canes

Two days.

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