Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lea Thompson Has a Nice Ass

Of she does, she from MinnesOOOOta ya know!

Hindsight is a killer.

A plus $300 night turned into a negative $120 night because of one “correct” fold. We’ll forget the quads hitting on the river and that my opponents went into a who’s-got-a-bigger-wang raising war with very weak holdings and draws. But alas, my account balance went down, his went up nothing special. Move on to the next night and try again. I think situations like that build up sludge on a poker player. Over time those close calls, those should-coulda-woulda moments, and of course its easy to pick out those bad beats as offenders.

The sludge lessen a desire to play, much like a hangover can lessen your desire to live the next morning while curled up on a cold floor cursing yourself for accepting those last body shots from the hot chick with test tubes and ten dollar fluorescent flashing knick-knacks that seemed like a bargain at the time. Poker is a game of forgive and forget, letting those “bad beats” weigh in your head like the time you woke up next to someone that resembled more Sasquatch and less the Jessica Alba stunt double you picked up last night, will kick any desire you have of slinging cards the next night.

Right now me and poker are on happy terms, I play, she takes, I buy-in, she asks "are you done yet?". But, I’m enjoying the game once again and have been despite my less-then stellar results. After all if you can’t enjoy the game, why play? If you resent logging on and/or sitting down at the felt you’re already behind those players who want to play and are there to take your hardly earned monies. The thrill of chasing that “easy” money has not died down despite my lack-luster December and the reason is change.

I’ve changed how I play. No longer do “bad beats” really effect me, I chalk it up to variance and move on to the next hand/table/tournament. Instead of saying: “OMFG WAFFLES HIT A TWO OUTER ON THE RIVER U FUCKIN SUCKASS DONKEY!!!11111”. I viewed it as “the money went in pre-flop, I was an 80/20 percent favorite and got outdrawn”, have a nice night. A lot of people don’t step back and see the circumstances behind the calls, raises, and folds, instead focusing on the end result which will only lead to expletives flying faster then an Andrew Dice Clay stand up routine. Or calling others names in which they didn’t earn.

(a side note about Mr. Clay’s appearance in “Causal Sex?”… why were there no boobs but several ass shots? I mean I enjoyed SNL-alumni Victoria Jackson and Lea Thompson’s back-side curves but a movie about sex without the necessary nipple shot? Lame.)

Some people “get it” and move on to a better enjoyment of the game. They see an unfavorable outcome and think “hmmmm, did I make the right call, raise, or fold?”. Others dwell on “that hand cost me $500 because the LAG-tard raised me off my hand” and end up becoming numb to the nightly beatings, become apathetic towards the game and lose all enjoyment.

I know, because I was there four months ago.

After playing some video games (Max Payne is an excellent pixelized aggression release) and working out a schedule where I could get the most daddy-time in; the lock’s tumblers fell into place. Whether this rebirth of excitement for pokery-type things lingers long enough to lose the rest of my bankroll remains to be seen.

Thanks for dropping by, now I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and that Pappy returns my call today for some choice dried beef. No spicy stuff Mr. Bracelet?

P.S. There's 1:9 odds in favor of accepting the blogging gig after chatting with a couple of friends last night.

Thanks guys.

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