Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Math Is Hard

Win $170 at $3/$6 Hold Em' over 5 hours - earn $2.50 in comps

Lose *cough* $XXX.XX *cough* playing slots - earn $10.40 in comps

Equals "Why-the-fuck-do-I continue-to-play-those-damn-slots"

At the poker was fun, especially chatting it up with a regular to the game for most of the time and dragging a couple of big pots with junk cards when the odds were there.

And a side note... people playing blackjack in the high limit area are in one of three catagories:

1) Egotistical frat boy with hanger ons with fake tits, fake personalities, or fake sense of style

2) Grumpy old gambler that took a shower when it was stylish to crimp your hair while wearing leggings singing "What A Feeeeeeeeeling" and calling everyone "gnarly"

3) Asian players with no regards to the denomination of the chips or the 50 different languages they speak away from the table

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