Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Rather then try to jar out more memories from my rum soaked head, I’ll jot down a couple of thanks, rants, and more thanks to the people who make these trips worth it.

Feeling blue once again Sunday morning, encased in a fog of lack of sleep, uneasiness about my poor attitude displayed after the tourney, multiplied by the spouse’s lingering guilt-trip (which she has since spoke up about and everything is back to “normal”) made for a Vegas trip that didn’t quite live up to expectations up to that point. There was no sex with midget strippers behind the Geisha Bar while getting cheered on by the Christina Aguilera look-a-like with her spandex shorts shoved somewhere north of her shoulders. I never made that “big bet” (very relative) that I’ve always wanted to. Most importantly, I didn’t get to hang out with the bloggers as much as I’d like do.

This unknown funk surrounded me after the first night, maybe due to the last of the shots finally working their ways through my circulatory system. But the funk never went away; I didn’t feel like “raging solo” despite several opportunities to do so after the wife headed to bed around midnight each night. I did stop several times do take in a panoramic view of the going-ons, watching people bet $10,000 a roll at craps, admiring yet another chick who felt the need to display more skin then the waitresses, the excited slot player who just hit the bonus game by lining up three Mr. Monopoly’s on a payline and won $42.

The magic of Vegas surrounded me, yet I was unable to break away from my own guilt of disappointing the wife and then myself on Saturday.

But, then there was football at the IP (avert your eyes BG, link orgy forthcoming)…

The Rooster was there to remind me how much his ‘Boys and Romo-mania were superior to the lowly Vikes and not missing a beat to hit on the blonde waitress at the same time. Nice job holding the Saints to five TDs!

Through my thoughtlessness, I never thanked April for her tireless work on getting this herd of cats together once again. So, I’m doing it now. Thank you. I hope you don’t feel burnt out by fun you enabled everyone to have (how did the test go…).

Gary, I apologize for not getting you off Pai Gow tilt soon enough, and hope you’ll consider coming out for the next shindig as I’ll demonstrate the level of drunkenness necessary to get free rides in a wheelchair after setting a Jack-high Pai Gow for the fourth time in a row

Speaker, Bobby Bracelet, BG, StB, F-Train, Pauly, Derek and Daddy I wish there was an infinite time to hang out and get your opinions on the best technique on embarrassing a hooker (but it sounds like Daddy worked his magic already…). $17???? I’m sure BG would ante up at least $20.

To the blogfather, WHO DEY! And that help with PLO8 is open offer redeemable at anytime I’m online just not trying to feed Vegas while playing penny slots :) Thank you again for all the memories past, present, and future due getting me to draft posts with this broken internet pencil.

Easycure, what happened to dem Hawks?!?!!? I appreciate the birthday card you and Mrs. gave me and congrats on Gigli!!

Senor Otis, mucho gracias for pointing out that hot chocolate can be a manly drink at the tables after a long night of wheelchair riding. Although hot tea with honey was pushing it.

In the he-was-nicer-then-I-thought department, Chilly turned my head with the conversations we had at the poker table at Caesar’s and before my infamous run at the IP. I look forward to the next time we meet up, and promise not crack those Kings again. I’m thinking we’ll have to meet up at Grand Casino Mille Lacs or Hinckley sometime this summer if the logistics allow it. Volleyball Chicks > *

The goatee’d one with “Falstaff” on his Full Tilt jersey… yeah you with sweet wife and PBR in hand, still amazed of the gift, thank you very much!!

Gracie and Sweet Sweet Pablo, don’t lose those smiles and Pablo… keep her away from the kitchen utensils next time m’kay?

To Al, the walking party, and actually getting my wife to crack a smile the morning after my ah-hem lack of alcohol tolerance AND getting her to discuss a possible trip to PA in Sept?!?!?! I stand amazed. SAN DIEGO SUPER CHARGERS!

To all the bloggers that got kicked by Vegas’ ass last weekend, I hope to see your thousand mile glares at the tables at our next meeting there, official WPBT event or not.

Thanks for dropping by, now be sure to hit up some of the links on the right for more trip posts and reports. But, do yourself a favor and hit up Dawn’s recall about the poker weekend while in Hell. Sadly, I didn’t get to share any table time with those two vixens from “I Had Outs” but then again I like keeping my poker money. But, if I need a bankroll bump, I could always let Dawn bluff her stack off to me :)

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